Characters On The River

If you happen to fish the Henry's Fork regularly and even on occasion, Silver Creek, you're likely to have encountered Whitefish Ed in his pink Whitefish Unlimited hat. He may have been wearing sequins or a brightly colored fish scale vest over an equally bright shirt of some kind. It's not likely you witnessed, at least recently, Ed on a Western river wearing camo or earth tones. He stands out... Better yet, he's working on a book and I'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

Whitefish Ed on the eve of the Silver Creek opener at Picabo Angler

Whitefish Ed

Portraits Of Fly Fishing Guides

A long term photography project of mine is taking portraits of fly fishing guides both domestically and internationally. Below are portraits of guides at Limay River Lodge in Argentina. All of these guides I would gladly fish with any day. They all work together, are exceptionally knowledgeable of their craft and location and are fun to be with.

They are part of the team at Limay River Lodge and can be found grating cheese for the chef prior to dinner, drinking matte outside the dining room in the morning or hanging with any of the guests before or after fishing talking about any number of things in Spanish and or English. 

Guides can make or break any lodge or shop or outfitting service. All five of the guides below I would recommend to anyone wanting to fish in Argentina.

In fact, I am working on hosting a group of anglers to Patagonia next year and if you are interested in joining me at Limay River Lodge shoot me an email ( 

I am hoping to dovetail a hosted trip to Argentine Patagonia (Limay River Lodge) with Chilean Patagonia (Los Torreones Lodge). Seeing both sides of the Andes is really quite striking. I spent three weeks last year with the Salas family at Los Torreones Lodge, located on the Simpson River, and they blew me away with their work ethic and kindness. It's also an incredible place and fishery--think 3x and large Parachute Adams. See the last issue of Anglers Journal for a feature story I wrote and shot on Pancho Salas and his family owned Los Torreones Lodge.

Feel free to contact me if this is a trip you are interested in.

Pablo Viñaras



Nano and Fabian have matte and discuss the Limay River channels with a hand drawn map

Nano Martinez. He's fourth generation on the Limay River

Fabian 2

Fabian 3


Nano 2

American Angler

Here's an image of mine appearing as the Table of Contents spread in the current issue of American Angler.

This was a fun shot to take on Silver Creek. It's actually one of a series of shots that shows this rainbow either about to take or just after taking this balled up spider web loaded with tricos. All of the other fish in this pod either ignored or refused this web ball, except for Spidy--so named do to its proclivity for trico laced spider web.

american angler rising rainbow silver creek.jpeg

San Antonio de Areco, Argentina

I was just in Argentina for a few weeks and spent a majority of my time in Patagonia. In lieu of spending my final three days in Buenos Aires (I spent my first two and a half days of this trip in Buenos Aires) I was told about a great little town a few hours drive from Buenos Aires. I found a hotel in San Antonio de Areco and canceled my room in Buenos Aires...

My hotel was, Posada de la Plaza. It's a charming hotel and San Antonio is a wonderful small town. Men, older generally, went out of their way to start conversations with me when I was out in town and often either asked me to join them at dinner or lunch or joined me for a cafe con leche in the late morning at an outside table in front of a bar.

Argentine food is also a real treat. With Spanish and Italian influences, the food in Areco is fantastic.

It was a surreal experience. From the architecture to the people, I left San Antonio de Areco absolutely blown away and wanting to go back...

Here are images from my short time in San Antonio de Areco:

Empanadas & Malbec

A feast with Diego and Antonio. They are kind and gracious men who went out of their way to show me their town. Antonio (pictured on the right) owns this restaurant on the outskirts of town and hosted me to an asado lunch. Empanadas as starters followed by a tortilla (think quiche) and then asado...


Hotel Posada de la Plaza

Argentina 2017

I just got back from a two week trip to Argentina. It's fall down there and a great time to visit. I was on an assignment for a publication for a story on Jorge Trucco. Jorge is a legend in the Argentine world of fly fishing and it was an honor to have spent time with him at some of his favorite places and rivers (A lot more to come on Jorge).

It was also an honor to work in collaboration with Val Atkinson on this piece. I traveled with Val and his partner Susan Rockrise along with Jorge to 4 different lodges in Argentine Patagonia: Limay River Lodge, San Huberto, Tipiliuke Lodge, and Arroyo Verde.

I'll be posting images from the trip here over the course of the next week or so. Outside of the fishing, I discovered--was directed really by someone from there--an incredible small town pop. 24,000 (approx.) called San Antonio de Areco located about 2 or so hours west by car from Buenos Aires. It was a great surprise!

The people of Areco could not have been kinder. The architecture is also stunning. It's an old world gaucho town. I did not come across another American in my three days there. I befriended a man by the name of Diego, he invited me one night to join him and three others for dinner. He ended up taking me all over the Areco area. He's a kind man and I was really blown away by the overall kindness of everyone I met there.

Many more images to come...

Diego Kelly of San Antonio de Areco sits in a bar during a typical Argentine lunch of Malbec and asado.

Boliche Bessinart. An historic old gaucho bar in Areco.